Overseen by Akman Holding, with a strong mandate to lead the field, Akman Real Estate has been a vital force in the real estate industry in Turkey since 1988. The company made a move into the construction field in 1997; it started constructing a 32-floor Condominium, a 12,500 m2 shopping mall and an 8,000 m2 hospital complex in Ankara and completed them in 1999. 

There are 222 flats, a restaurant-café, night club, outdoor swimming pool, hair dresser, kindergarten, laundry and health club in Akman Condominium, which is the first condominium in Turkey.

Presently the company manages Akman Condominium (222 flats), Akman Emporium (shopping mall) and Akman Medicorium a medical complex constructed on 51,000 m2on Konya Road in Ankara; as well as numerous other real estate holdings. 

Uğur Mumcu Caddesi No:10 Gaziosmanpaşa

Çankaya / Ankara / Turkey

Phone: +90 312 459 66 00
Fax: +90 312 459 66 29